Friday, August 15, 2014

power carving again

This is my latest effort in power carving I like this one in some areas and in some not so much. I am limited in the amount of tools as my disposal at present, but a good carver can make the smallest amount of tools get the job done. For those who don't know I carve these with my Dremel model 400, the limitation is of how many bits I have to work with that will actually make a dent in the pine knots.


My other concern is that my technique is incorrect in many ways but as I have only been at this for a weeks I can't expect to have it mastered on the second day. For instance here is one of my dilemmas, I currently hold the pine knot in my left hand and control the tool with the right hand. I can use my thumb to steady the tool but then my grip on the wood is weakened. What I need to do is set up a surface to sit the wood on so that I can use my left hand to steady the tool without worrying about how I hold the wood. There is alot to learn here but the good news is carving is carving so the way to break down a face and to set up the areas is the same, I just need to learn and hone the way I use the tool. Just like carving with knives when you have limited tools you master them and then when the new tools get added it just makes the carving easier and more efficient.
as always happy trails
Carpe diem 4 power carving  

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