Tuesday, August 19, 2014

splitting pine knots part II

Well the other day I got a chance to get in some more power carving and this was another small piece. I got out some of my old bits and began experimenting with different bits to see what other tools I can claim to my arsenal. I have a few of the round head bits in various sizes and got good use out of those, used the smallest one to carve out the pupil of the eye, this style of doing the eye utilizes the shadows to highlight the area.

I have to say I am slowly getting a feel for this and decided to stay away from viewing other carvers for now so I can simply focus on my carvings without feeling the need to match up with other artist. How many carvers do this I wonder, do we compare a lot of our work to those we admire in the carving community? I know at times I do and at times it is a distraction that I don’t need or want. It is great to study styles and technique but don’t do it in a way that it becomes a discouragement. Many of the carvers started around the same time I did but they never stopped and for a good period in my life I did just that, I put down the knives, X-ACTO knives to be exact and didn’t carve for years. So always cut yourself a break when it comes to comparing your work to others, always strive to grow as a carver and never take it so serious that you lose the joy of carving.

I like this one, this may be my best one thus far. I hollowed out some of the carving in case it were to be hung on a Christmas tree. It will also sit atop of smallish bottles due to the cut out. I have numerous knots waiting so I hope to continue to learn and grow as a power carver. I will also find time sometime real soon to dust off the knives and go old school. Life is good and the garage is full of wood.

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